Meetings & Events

Organizing the conference ”Corruption and Norm-Setting in Late-Colonial and Postcolonial Indonesia: Debating First Findings From a Dutch-Indonesian Project” in Yogyakarta.
Our team organized a panel (”Norm-setting, power and governance in colonial and political history of the Netherlands-Indonesian relationship 1750-1950”) at the conference ”Political History Today: Exploring New Themes” (Amsterdam), in cooperation with Dr. Alicia Schrikker, Dr. Lauren Lauret, Alexander van der Meer (MA), Philip Post (MA)
Presentation of our forthcoming research paper ”A Complicit State? Discourses around Corruption and the Role of the State within the Context of Modern Colonial Empires: the Case of the Dutch Empire, c. 1850s-1880s” at the Munich conference ”Corruption and the Modernisation of the State”